Belgium Background

Belgium has had a good relationship with the Apostolic Church in the UK for a long time. With such close proximity to Brussels, visits from the Dover based Apostolic Church, The Ark, have frequently been arranged. Pastor Derek Meldrum organised a successful youth exchange and this connection was continued with visits by Pastor Warren Jones. Pastors Eric Parker and Nigel Bainbridge now visit and support the Apostolic Church in the country.


Belgium - Latest Report

February 2016 Update...

There are 5 Apostolic Churches in Belgium but there are plans to plant more churches. These five churches are experiencing gradual but real growth. The largest church has 250 people. Four pastors looks after these five assemblies. Additionally, there are two pastors-in-training. These leaders have great times together.

The Brussels Christian School, ‘Les Tournesols’, is in good health. There are currently 350 children at this school. Many Muslim children attend Les Tournesols. The school cares for children between the ages of 3 to 16 year old. Michele Marechal is the Director of this school.

The Belgian churches collaborate to support the Apostolic Church in Togo (Africa). In Togo they help support 8 Christian schools with around 1200 children in total. The Togo Apostolic Church is actively planting new churches.

Eric Marechal is the leader of the Apostolic assembly in Brussels and he oversees the Apostolic movement in Belgium

Belgium Profile

Belgium has a population of 10 million with a third of those being non-religious. Although people are free to express their faith there is a media bias against evangelicals and for the vast majority of Belgium's, religion is irrelevant.

After years of being discouraged, the Bible has been reintroduced to society, before 1960 it was even banned by the Catholic Church. There is a distinct lack of full time pastors which in turn undermines first generation believers, who need solid discipleship to grow. Specific, focused ministry is vital in a nation which lacks the leadership necessary, to mentor and guide emerging leaders. There has however been sustained growth in evangelical believers with the most prominent being in the Pentecostal churches. 


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