Brazil Background

Brazil were presented with their certificate of autonomy by the Apostolic Church of UK in 2008, Pastor Flavio was appointed as President and Pastor Raimundo as Vice President of the Brazil Executive . Since that time annual visits to the country have been maintained to continue the decommissioning process without disconnection.


Brazil - Latest Report

April 2015 update...

The church in Brazil strongly value the link they have with the UK and have a high regard for our endeavours over the years. With the Centenary fast approaching they are hoping that many will be able to attend the celebrations in the UK.

In the country there are many Evangelists but a need for Prophets and Teachers. There are big crusades being held in churches and many good worship bands. These are mainly confined to one state in a vast country with new churches being gradually planted.

There is a need in the country for more women to be released, with some very gifted women evident. They are also aiming to develop a health and school project. The country is growing economically with some church people having good jobs.

Pastor Flavio, shown in photo above far left, is the National Leader. Babel, Pastor Noel Quinlan's daughter in law stands beside, she works with children in the slums. 

Centre photo shows all the leaders.

The photo on far right shows pastors and leaders being prayed for, that God would use them more prophetically.

Brazil Profile

The population in Brazil is 50% European consisting of mainly Portuguese, Italian and Spanish heritage. Some 91% are Christian and although originally bias to Catholicism this has now rapidly decreased as the influence of evangelical churches grows.

With a very young population there is great need for ministry directed towards children and young people. These are the adults of the future and if their needs are not met, all the gains of this generation could be lost in the next.

Great strides have been made by the nation but there is still widespread poverty, crime and corruption. Prayers are needed for the government and people to overcome these massive challenges.


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