East Africa Background

Over recent years ActionOverseas has been involved in relationship with Apostolic Churches in East Africa. Many will remember the desperate plight of the famine in the ‘Horn of Africa’ which resulted in an appeal being made and a staggering £22,000 being donated to the country of Kenya. 

These links have opened doors for greater opportunities to extend God’s Kingdom and there is now a vision to plant churches in each nation of The East African Community (EAC). This is the regional intergovernmental organisation of the Republics of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. 

In 2012 ActionOverseas entered into a 5-year partnership with these churches to help them establish, develop and grow. During a visit in November of the same year a formal agreement, outlining East African Apostolic Network core values, was agreed with the partner churches and signed by the various national leaders and ActionOverseas representative, Stuart Wood.

As a result of the partnership, regular visits will be made to East Africa over the next 5 years to strengthen relationships and to establish strong foundations. This will enable the partner churches to plant churches in their respective nations and launch out into neighbouring countries.

We are already seeing the fruit of this, particularly in Tanzania where seven churches have been planted in the last year  increasing the number of churches to eleven. We are believing that prophetic input has indicated a significant harvest in East Africa.


East Africa - Latest Report

April 2015 Update….

Stuart Wood is the Africa Co-Ordinator for ActionOverseas, he regularly visits the nations of Africa  with his wife Sandra to deliver training and support churches.


Over the last two years they have focused their visits on helping to establish church, leadership and financial structures to a group of approximately twelve churches in Kenya.

In November 2014 it was a great privilege for Stuart to be a part of the first Ascension Ministries Council in the country. During the Council the first official Constitution was also formally accepted.  This is a significant step as it gives them a foundation on which to build. Four men were also ordained as pastors. They also plan to open a new church this year.. 

There is also a sponsorship programme currently being set up with the York Apostolic Church here in the UK, to sponsor orphaned children who have been fostered or adopted by pastors and their families. Many of these children have lost their parents through HIV/Aids. Rather than put these youngsters into care the pastors have taken them into their homes but obviously this is huge financial burden on them. The project ‘Uniinue,’ meaning ‘You lift me up.’ in Swahili will sponsor seven children and will officially be launched later this year. 


During December 2014 John Murunga from Kisumu, Kenya visited Mwanza in Tanzania to undertake leadership training and to hold outreach services, with the team he had taken from his church. During the outreach services over one hundred and seventy people committed their lives to Christ – around one hundred children and eighty adults.

We praise God for the work He is doing in the nations of East Africa.. 

Special Report - Living in Kakuma Camp

East Africa Profile

As with many African nations those within the East Africa struggle with issues of poverty, disease and lack of education and opportunities. In spite of these challenges it is exciting to see what God is doing in the lives of individuals and churches across the region.

Kenya, in particular, has been the subject of various terrorist attacks that have caused a great deal of fear and uncertainty. Despite these tragedies, there is a steely determination not to allow these events to deter them going about their daily business or serving the purposes of God.

In Tanzania there are tensions between Christian and Islamist groups. Once again these are not being allowed to impinge on doing the work of the Lord. 

There are many calls from independent churches to join the network but many are only looking for access to overseas funding. In both Kenya and Tanzania, however, the national leadership teams have written into their constitutions that their primary plan for growth is by planting churches with Apostolic DNA.

There is a clear need to train and equip indigenous leaders to enable them to lead and grow their national ministries. The seeds are being planted and the potential harvest is great.


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