Hungary Background

The Hungarian Apostolic Church [Őskeresztyén Apostoli Egyház] was founded in 1947. It is changing very successfully to meet the demands and needs of this new century. It has the potential to be the primary base for the Apostolic Church in central and Eastern Europe. The Hungarian Apostolic Church is experiencing new refreshment from God. There are 25 Hungarian Apostolic Churches with 1000 members.

The recent partnership began in 2005 when Pastor Warren Jones spoke at the Hungarian Youth Conference, Életjel. Pastor Nigel Bainbridge now manages the UK-Hungary link which is growing rapidly.


Hungary - Latest Report

April 2015 update....

The Apostolic Church in Hungary grew by more than 10% in 2014!

The Apostolic Church is growing in the country with 1000 members across 25 assemblies. Across the nation productive twinning links have been blessed and continue to expand. God is certainly growing the connections.

In Miskolc a shop has recently been opened selling second hand British clothes and many other items. Pastor Jason Pennington from Ebbw Vale Church is supporting this project.

Pastor Josh Cordray from Maidstone also has connections in Hungary. Last August around fifty people were saved during a mission trip to Kiskoros and Kecei. He is planning a further trip this August. Josh is also embarking on a two year training programme in his twinned church in Jaszladany. The first stage of this will take place later this month, when a team will travel to the church for a weekend to deliver training.

Other links include the Eastbourne Church, where Pastor David Cooke has linked with the assembly in Sur and is planning a visit in August this year and the Rhyl Church, where Pastor Haydn Greenow has linked with the Hungarian assembly in Dorog.


God is certainly blessing the UK-Hungary link. Our vision is to see a stronger and bigger Hungarian Apostolic Church. A church which will send missionaries into central and Eastern Europe and be a focal point for leadership training in Europe. An Apostolic beacon in Eastern Europe!

Pastor Nigel Bainbridge manages the UK-Hungary link on behalf of ActionOverseas.

Hungary Profile

Hungary is a historic central European nation. It is believed that original settlers arrived from east of the Ural mountains. Indeed, Hungary has a culture and feel that is not like its near neighbours -neither Slavic not Germanic. Hungary has clear Jewish, Slavic, Turkish, German and Roma Gypsy minorities.

Before the Reformation Hungary was 90% Protestant, today the % Protestant population is closer to 24%. Hungary lost an unjust 60% of its territory after the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the First World War. The Magyars [the Hungarian people] endured communist control between 1949 and 1991, despite a brave and world-renown uprising in 1956. Hungary has quickly integrated into the European community of nations. The current Fidesz government has provided new challenges for churches in Hungary.


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