Mozambique Background

Igreja Apostolica has been autonomous since 2009 following 13 years of residential missionary input and partnership.

The 5 members of the national leadership team under the direction of Marcos Binda are driving the church forward under indigenous leaders. Relationship is maintained with ActionOverseas through Stuart & Sandra Wood who will be visiting Mozambique on a regular basis to support the Mozambican NLT and provide advice and training.

There is a spiritual depth to the leaders, which is reflected in the leadership structure of ordained apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors as well as local elders and deacons, there are as yet no ordained teachers in the church but it is clear that there are young emerging leaders with a passion for God’s Word.


Mozambique - Latest Report

April 2015 Update….

Stuart Wood is the Africa Co-Ordinator for ActionOverseas, he regularly visits the nations of Africa where the Apostolic Church have connections.  

As many of you will have been aware there have been major issues in Mozambique with flooding. ActionOverseas set up an Emergency Relief Fund and money has been pouring into this fund to help the people affected.

One hundred and twenty Apostolic Church families have lost their homes during the floods. Nine church buildings were destroyed and twelve lost their lives.

Stuart visited Nampula where there are a number of churches, however since his visit they experienced even more torrential rain, which was almost non-stop for two weeks. This resulted in two more church buildings being destroyed and others losing their homes.

Over just a few days the floods poured down the mountains and devastated everything in its path. The stories below are just a few of many;

One family of five lost two children when the canoe they were being rescued in over turned. Mum managed to save the smallest child but the father couldn’t reach the other two before they were washed away.

One man was using his canoe to rescue people when his boat flipped over by the winds and he drowned.

A young girl of two was drowned when her family were fleeing their flooded compound. The water was so high and the little girl didn’t see the open well in the garden and fell in and drowned.

One family with six children, lost their mother and two of the children as they fled the rising flood waters. The father managed to climb a tree and reach four of the children but he was unable to reach his wife or the remaining two children. And watched as they were washed away in the torrents.

Visiting the tragic scenes has clearly impacted the pastors who are desperately trying to support and care for their congregations. Please pray for the families and churches involved that God will help them heal their broken lives. 

Mozambique Profile

As a nation Mozambique remains one of the poorest nations in the world. The 20 years since the signing of the peace accord in Rome in 1992; to end 17 years of a bloody civil war that cost over 1,000,000 lives to be lost, however have allowed the country to recover.

Significant international aid and investment have reestablished the country’s infrastructure. This in turn has led to further developments in tourism and the ability to harness the potential of the many natural resources that the country possesses. 

Despite significant strides being made to improve Mozambique’s lot recent events have left it on the brink of further civil unrest. Fighting between government and opposition forces have led to a number of innocent lives being lost in the lead up to the November 2013 local elections.

The church has a significant role to play in these challenging times. Please pray for pastors and leaders who seek to lead God’s people in this beautiful nation.


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