Pakistan Background

The Apostolic Church in Pakistan is made up of ten churches spread throughout three regions. These are namely Islamabad, Faisalabad and Okara. The church in Pakistan is growing but faces huge challenges. Every trip to the country poses personal security issues for ActionOverseas board members. The threat of kidnap, prison and death are serious factors to be taken into account when Pakistan pastors meet with pastors from the UK. Within all the extremely challenging issues that Christians face in the country, God is at work.


Pakistan - Latest Report

Update May 2015…

Our work in Pakistan involves linking with churches for ministerial support and also the Lotus School project which started in April 2011. 

Initially the aim was to educate 100 children within a Christian environment but currently there are 60 children of whom 25% are from Muslim homes. It is a great blessing that the school also teach both boys and girls as usually girls do not receive an education.

At the school a standard syllabus is taught with ActionOverseas supporters providing school materials, uniforms, teachers salaries and building rent. 

The school is protected with 24 hour security and CCTV to protect the children and staff. 

In March, (at the end of the Pakistan school year) pupils of Lotus School were all awarded a simple prize which marked their effort. Some of the oldest children left the school, we hope, to continue their education whilst others face a grim future barely scraping a living in a third world economy.

The new school year sees a fresh intake of children all of whom require school text books. So prized are these books that the children in the years above tend to hold on to them when they leave the school, or move on to the next year above. The challenge annually is to find around £1500 to provide suitable text books for each age group for the range of subjects being taught at the school. We give thanks to the Lord for the folks who have supported this challenge financially since the school has been opened. This year, we are in need of that support again and are pleased to announce that £800 has already been committed from one of our Assemblies.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Lotus School.

Please continue to pray for the nation for God’s protection and wisdom in the challenging lives they lead.


Pakistan - Special Report

Pakistan Profile

Pakistan has a wide ethnic population which is far more complex than in most other nations. 95% of the country are Muslim, accounting for 176,993,000 people, Christians in the country total just over 4,000.

Previous governments discriminated against all religious minorities and, despite promises of religious freedom by the new government to all groups, in reality non-Muslims must practice their faith cautiously and under varying degrees of threat from Islamists.

The people of Pakistan are amazingly resilient and flexible living in a nation where violence and instability are the norm. The Taliban is upheld by a minority but impacts the whole nation, disabling economic development and keeping millions in poverty.

The disruption they cause impacts on schools, in areas where the militants control, the only education is to learn the Quran and the brand of Islam they favour, this produces a new generation of recruits for the militant cause. The status of women is also in a miserable state, having no freedom, rights, minimal education and often suffering widespread domestic abuse.

Pakistan lies at the very heart of the unevangelised world, being the world's second largest concentration of unengaged people, and the world's second largest Muslim population. There is a huge need for mission work in Pakistan and a great need for Christians in the country to be equipped and supported to share their faith in this troubled land.


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