Vietnam Background

ActionOverseas has been working in partnership with churches in southern Vietnam since 2010.  Strong ties have been formed with a group of churches with visits to encourage the pastors to bring pastoral and discipleship training take place several times each year.


Vietnam - Latest Report

June 2015 Update...


Working with churches in a country that calls itself communist, presents its own challenges and dangers. But, the church is growing in Vietnam and many of the pastors believe that a revival is very close. However, living in a State where there is much oppression and undermining of the church, tensions can be formed and building relationships inside and outside the church have their challenges.

But, with all these challenges the work of God is growing and lives are being transformed.  Ly, was raised in a Buddhist family. When family issues began taking a heavy toll she began writing a journal and this became her best friend, she did not understand that someone could love you. Then one day Ly heard about Jesus, and He began to heal the relationships that had been torn apart. Ly turned from being angry to loving people in a new way. 

Key to the development of Leaders and Pastors in the church has been the setting up of a School of Ministry. Pastors receive training three times each year in theological, leadership and practical studies. As this exciting initiative develops we will be informing prayer partners of ongoing progress and at present would value your prayers as the church continues its progress.


ActionOverseas is also working in neighbouring Laos.  A large proportion of this work is a venture and partnership with the Apostolic Church, Australia. Visits are made a couple of times a year, to bring encouragement. Another aspect of the work has been established by an Apostolic pastor from Vietnam who has been visiting to bring teaching and pastoral training to churches outside Vientiane, the capital. 


Vietnam Profile

Vietnam has a population of 87 million, of which 85% would embrace Buddhism and just 8% are Christians but under government control. 86.2% of the population are Vietnamese.
The capital city is Hanoi although the financial hub is Ho Chi Minh City. Although previously there was deep poverty with some of the population living on under $1 per day, this has declined significantly and, Vietnam may now be one of the fastest growing emerging economies by 2025.



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